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Nearly everyone who has contact with the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICOs marvels at how fast things move. The last year, in particular, has seen an explosion of ICOs, making it even harder to keep up with developments- and making it more difficult to distinguish good projects from bad, and honest teams from scammers. There is a strong demand to synthesize and present this huge amount of information in a way that is easy
Stellar Lumens
When the Mobius Network CEO, David Gobaud, made the decision to launch Mobius’ ICO on the Stellar Network in January, Ethereum had just experienced some scaling issues, including the CryptoKitties debacle of December 2017. These scaling problems were cited as one of the reasons he decided to launch the ICO on Stellar instead of Ethereum. Up to this point, few people knew that tokens could even be issued on the Stellar network. This is not
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Ethereum Scaling Debate
The Dream of Disrupting the Monopoly on Money There are few industries where how people think about the future affects asset prices as heavily as in the world of blockchain. This means the theoretical battles about how things might play out can create or erase fortunes in a matter of minutes. It also means that there are major incentives to obscure or distort the truth, complicating matters even more. At present, blockchains simply don’t scale,
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